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 New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones

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New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones Empty
PostSubject: New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones   New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones EmptyMon Mar 10, 2014 7:54 am


So, when I drafted up a new roster of characters to see how well they'd do, I also drafted up 12 new villains to match the old number of villains and offer some new ideas. I wrote all of their individual lore myself; of course, it's all subject to change. Some of them I think would make better minibosses or minions to other bosses.

So, let's discuss them in order:

The Emperor of Insects: I love this guy; definitely his own villain. Plus, his original given name, Mukade Nobunaga (Mukade being a nightmarish Japanese centipede and Nobunaga named after the ancient Japanese figure) is awesomely fitting. I love his design, I love all the Asian-inspired insect monsters that can be minions for him, and I love the idea of a foreign nation invading, one with insects for people with a widely different culture.

The Iron General: I already support him being his own villain, as I detailed in his other thread.

Zealous Pope: He has tested surprisingly well with the surveys. People like going up against major religion, usually with the darker or more edgy characters. Can we find room for him? Let me add this image to see if it sparks any significant thought:

New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones Broque10

Eh? Eh?

Death Knight: I've seen this guy pushed as a bro before, but I think he should be a villain. I don't think he can carry his own story, though; I think he would be better as the right-hand man of the Undead King, like his number one enforcer. Alternatively, he could be a minion, with multiple death knights as the foot soldiers of the Undead King's army. What do you think? Should he be his own character, or a class of minion?

The Gunslinger Gang: I think these guys would work well as a mid-tier miniboss fight. We could fight each of them separately or together. They are Rook, Diamond and Mantis, with Mantis being the one with the grudge against the Gunslinging Loner. In the old BroQuest, there was this lore that the assassins wore the mask of the assassin they killed and assume his identity, with The Gunslinging Loner (Skull) having the most notorious mask. Maybe if the players have the Gunslinging Loner, they come up against these assassins, each of them vying for the mask?

The Freakshow Four: I love these guys and their design and how well they could work together, but I think they'd be better minions for the Dark Witch, considering their and her design (they have matching clothes). I think the Freakshow Four are great for a miniboss battle, with each one having different attacks.

Hulking Viking Lord: I like this guy's design, but I think he would do better as a minion for the Invincible Warlord. He could also be the hulked-out version of this guy:

New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones Bjorn_10

And that guy definitely looks like he would work for the Invincible Warlord, given the Frostborn imagery:

New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones Frostb10

Raging Hunger Beast: Now, in my D&D campaign, the Raging Hunger Beast was a physical manifestation of the violent spirit of the Evil Warrior (Named The Butcher) that, upon its birth, went on a rampage. The Raging Hunger Beast might make a decent miniboss, or a more powerful boss that gets unleashed after defeating one of the evil bosses.

The Uncoiled: A very interesting concept, but might be hard to pull off, given that it's an eldritch horror. I really like its design, though, and a lot of people choose him for their final boss since I put the image together. The lore idea that three dark wizards fused into one body, giving it elemental attacks and its odd shape (the black hole in the middle is just that; a black hole that consumes matter) is an interesting origin story.

Interdimensional Alien Construct: Again, another interesting idea; perhaps the exact opposite of the Uncoiled but just as hard to pull off. We would need a lot of abstract enemies to represent its minions and the map design for its lairs would be very hard to pull off/conceptualize.

King of Pauldrons: We all know this guy, he's the only one on this roster from the original game. But is he final boss material? In my D&D game, I had him as a miniboss, in the employ of the Dark Witch. There's plenty of pauldron minion images, but is he interesting enough/worth the giant pauldrons joke?

The Leviathan: I love monsters that are simply forces of nature. Not evil, not willing to talk, they just show up and fuck shit up. The entire story could be a villain trying to use the Leviathan to destroy the world, or the villain could be trying to amass enough power to stop the leviathan, and you end up stopping his plans, so it's up to you now to take down this suddenly much larger threat. The Leviathan makes an interesting villain, a simple concept that can be used in interesting ways.

Thoughts? Ideas?
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New Villain Ideas, or Spins on Old Ones
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