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 Villain, minion, or potential Bro? The Shark Man

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PostSubject: Villain, minion, or potential Bro? The Shark Man   Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:08 am

Original Image:

I recolored him for my D&D campaign, in which he was "Super Shark" and worked for the Dark Witch, who herself was changed to have a sea-theme with water-based minions.

I changed his color to look more like the leader of the Street Sharks, who was always my favorite.

But ever since I placed him on this image for my surveys: https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img21/1621/70zf.png

He has been an EXTREMELY popular choice for a bro, coming in forth behind Cheerful Druid, Peace-Seeking Golem and Monkey King, in that order.

Something about the Shark Man resonates with people. Is it the Street Sharks connection? His overall design? The fact that he's a giant fucking shark? Who knows.

I did come up with this: The shark men could be enemies throughout the game in water portions, but one of the might be able to be unlocked to be a bro. He could be like a hidden character that can only be found if you meet certain requirements. I think a lot of the bros could be optional to even be found, not tying in with the main questline. Shark Man could be one of them.

For a name, I suggest Bruce, for the obvious Jaws connection. Alternatively, he could be Ripster, the character I recolored him to look like.

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Villain, minion, or potential Bro? The Shark Man
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