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 Con-Artist: the funny trickster character

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Con-Artist: the funny trickster character Empty
PostSubject: Con-Artist: the funny trickster character   Con-Artist: the funny trickster character EmptyWed Mar 12, 2014 6:36 am

Con Artist is supposed to be running away from the suave devil, right? That's because he's the only guy he can't outsmart forever. Suave is also clever, and is persistent enough to eventually catch him and make him pay for his (mostly petty) crimes.
Maybe we could use that situation to make Con join the party.
He gets cornered by suave devil and you have a chance to "rescue" him.

Now these are my 5 cents on the Con-Artist
Just by his looks and by the kind of people he deals with I always imagined him as this slightly disturbing guy with weird sense of humor who, for some reason (maybe luck) can avoid most major misfortunes and get away mostly unharmed from his little schemes.

The bad thing about him would be that during the quest he would trick both the hero's party and the enemy, making him not too reliable .But he would be a true bro in the end who is actually pretty sane, even though sometimes he doesn't act like it trying to speak cryptically as the wannabe magician he is.

Bro clash with: Suave, magician and psion (who can't even read clearly his messy thoughts)
Bro friendship with: Perverted arch-mage, spiderbro.
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Con-Artist: the funny trickster character
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