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 An alternative to the steam knight: Peace-Seeking Golem

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Nave the DM

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PostSubject: An alternative to the steam knight: Peace-Seeking Golem   Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:27 am

Art by Shwig, as to be expected.

I added him to the Ultimate BroQuest 2014 roster, and he was a surprisingly popular choice. Personally, I like him a lot and think that he could bring a lot to the table.

He appeared in my D&D campaign as a benevolent guardian of a forest sanctuary.

I title this topic as "Alternative to the Steam Knight" because in many ways, both could be brought into the party the same way: by waking them up. That's not to say that they can't both be in the game, but if a player would like an inorganic party member that isn't a robot, perhaps they would prefer a stone golem?

He could be found in the middle of some forest somewhere, asleep or inactive. The player could wake him and engage in some dialog, perhaps convincing him that he should lend his help, even though violence must be used, in the end a great evil will be dealt with, making it all worth it.

Thoughts? ideas?
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An alternative to the steam knight: Peace-Seeking Golem
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