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 The Cheeful Druid: What to Do, What to Do

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PostSubject: The Cheeful Druid: What to Do, What to Do   Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:14 am

So, the Cheerful Druid. I explain in the image above how and why I came up with her.

She is a very popular choice. Maybe it's the Fluttershy syndrome, but a lot of people like the idea of bro-ing up with a girl who has a connection to nature. Maybe it's the tomboyish look to her like one anon pointed out, or the desire to have a versatile character with healing and nature powers, or if she just makes a good waifu, or if the Brotagonist just looks good in green, but people like her.

But with only so much room for Bros in the game, can she make the cut? And if we use the original brotagonist images, are we going to have an exclusively male protagonist to make up for her being in the game?

Or should we cut her entirely, or replace her with a different character model?

Opinions? Thoughts?
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The Cheeful Druid: What to Do, What to Do
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