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 Sir Yoricks Quest. Was it possible to complete it?

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PostSubject: Sir Yoricks Quest. Was it possible to complete it?   Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:46 am

I remember palying Yoricks quest for a few hours a long time ago.

Posted on /v/ I came across several images. I belive that reside on one of my old hardrives.

These images were of pictures of a endboss with the Count, and a mirror fight agaisnt an anti yorick.
I'm not for sure if the Broquest staff before hand made these iamges, but they definatly looked real.

I'd have to boot up my old pc to find them though.

Is it known if it's possible to beat Yoricks Quest???

If possible. Could someone look in the flash files to see if there is a End boss??

It's crushingly difficult after a while and without a controller is even harder.

So what are your thoughts guys?


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PostSubject: Re: Sir Yoricks Quest. Was it possible to complete it?   Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:04 pm

At the exact moment the game starts, press Start. If done correctly, some of the enemy behavior will be slightly altered, some of the zombies will have a rare chance of jumping into pits on their own accord; also, their mouths will appear slightly smirking when dying. Earn 66,666 points and then use HM Strength to move the bookcase. Sheng Long will show up and challenge you for a bossfight; if you've saved Curly beforehand, use Masamune to finish him off quick. Pick up the last triforce piece and a portal to the retro dungeon of hell will appear. You'll have to face some really tough enemies, for example gargoyles that quickly swoop at you and take away 50% of health with each hit. In addition, this section will loop endlessly - to proceed, you'll have to kill a certain set of enemies (and ONLY these enemies) in the following order: hawk, bat, medusa head, spider, mind flayer, arch-vile. If done correctly, a red message saying "? N A M A S I T A H W" should now scroll past the screen. Press Start, A, B, right, left, right, left, down, down, up, up and you'll be transported into a fast-moving hovercraft back in the starting level; you'll have to beat metal Yorick while avoiding fast obstacles. This section is practically impossible, so good luck. After you finish, you'll be treated with an in-game cutscene of Yorick fighting the Count, which is where the picture mentioned comes from. There is no known way to win this section; Yorick dies after the first hit no matter what. There was a Youtube video with 100 views that has showcased a glitch to avoid the damage, but it's been taken down since.
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PostSubject: Re: Sir Yoricks Quest. Was it possible to complete it?   Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:57 am

In short, it's not possible to complete it. But that was the point, Yorick was supposed to die no matter what you did. For instance, if you stood around too long, a reaper would come after you.

The screenshots you saw were faked by me (I made just about all of the graphics for the game). We considered actually having Drac as a boss, but that idea was scrapped fairly quickly because we only had one week to get things done and we really had to cut corners to finish. You can view the screenshots here:

Mirror Fight (Click):
Dracular Fight (Click):

There is an actual secret to the game. Enter the Konami code on the title screen.

If we manage to finish the game we are currently working, which is a fairly good possibility, Yorick's Quest is something we would like to revisit.

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PostSubject: Re: Sir Yoricks Quest. Was it possible to complete it?   

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Sir Yoricks Quest. Was it possible to complete it?
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