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 Bromancy Explained

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Bromancy Explained  Empty
PostSubject: Bromancy Explained    Bromancy Explained  EmptyThu Mar 13, 2014 12:31 pm

Reposting from the thread.

The Bromancy (or whatever you want to call the loyalty system) works this way.

Every party member has his own variables.

Whenever the main character does something that the party member likes, the party member gains points in his variables.

When the points reach a certain number (varies on what brotential every member has ) it triggers a switch that then unlocks the bro features.

It is still under question if that switch should be turned off if the member in question loses points.

Members can gain points by player decisions, personal quests, and fighting (they can lose in certain situations: for example if the Orc party member is forced to fight other orcs)

This system can be implemented in towns and alignments, where the more the player is respected, the more side quests and events he will unlock.

If the player makes a certain alignment hate him, then they can forbid him from entering their town or even send assassins after him.

It’s very easy to do in-game.
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Bromancy Explained
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