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 A message for the team and any who would want to help.

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A message for the team and any who would want to help. Empty
PostSubject: A message for the team and any who would want to help.   A message for the team and any who would want to help. EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 8:45 am

I've seen a lot that goes into BroQuest. I've seen the rises and the falls, tracked its progresses and failures, been in countless anonymous threads. Why does it keep popping up on 4chan? "The greatest game that never was." What about BroQuest fascinates people to endless discussion on it? Something about it touches us in a special way; every character has a special place in our heart. It's often said that a BroQuest game could never be as good as everyone imagines or wants it to be, and you know, that's absolutely true. If we could all just make games that match our expectations, there wouldn’t even really be much of an industry.

A group of people must come together and decide what will and will not be made into BroQuest. This is a difficult task. As has been seen many times before, the project is flooded with people who want to contribute ideas, but not work. People who fight and bicker over ideas. People who cannot agree on what should be put into the game. The project dies each time.

It has become something of a joke to even conceive of working on BroQuest.

But you know what?

I say fuck them.

Fuck the negativity. Fuck the people who say that anyone who believes in BroQuest is delusional or fooling themselves. Fuck people who argue over pointless shit and get offended by it. Fuck the people who claim it could never happen. Fuck the people who think they're smarter and superior by saying that it won't happen. Fuck the people who never actually did anything to help get it going. Fuck the people who say to just quit, give up and let BroQuest die. Fuck the people who talk big game but can't back it up. Fuck the people who get offended by people not liking their ideas. Fuck the people who take the characters too seriously. Fuck the people who want it to happen but aren't willing to make it happen. Fuck the people who insist that threads about BroQuest are nothing more than people wasting time on a dead idea.

Fuck them.

BroQuest is a challenge. A challenge put forth by every single person who failed to make it happen and every single person who says it cannot happen. What is the legacy of BroQuest? Of failure? Of broken promises? Of delays and eventual cancellations?

BroQuest deserves better. The people deserve better. They deserve something, anything, that they can call BroQuest, rather than a failed idea. Doubtless, it won't be nearly as good as some people want it to be, but fuck them and their high expectations. They're just setting themselves up for disappointment. What is truly important is that something be made that is the result of teamwork.

BroQuest needs to be a story of people coming together. I'm not talking just about the game's plot, but its development. BroQuest needs to represent a group of people joining forces to make something happen, to overcome great odds and challenges, to spit in the face of every obstacle and climb the mountain until the peak is reached. Will it be made in some RPG maker? Will original code bubble forth? Will it be a text-based adventure game? Will it have original art?

I don't know the answers to these questions yet. But what I do know is that I am ready, willing and more than prepared to plant my feet in the ground, stand fast against the challenges of this project and make something happen. And if others will stand behind me, and all of us unite, set goals, have realistic expectations and stay driven, focused and motivated, we can accomplish what so many have failed to do and what so many say isn't possible.

It won't be easy. It won't be for much reward. It can't take precedence over real world concerns. I myself have a job as a soldier and responsibilities that I cannot brush aside.

But in one evening, I wrote 29 pages of a script for the game, with dialog trees, ideas for game mechanics, quests, locations and character introductions and interactions. And I've only just begun.

To all who think they can actually help: if you stand by my side, if you want to see this happen as much as I do, if you think as I think and feel as I feel, then make your voice heard. Let it come forth and join with other like-minded individuals and together let us make something happen.

You are a sword. A sword has a voice. Sheathed, it is quiet. Not ready for war. But when drawn, it makes a bold statement. Alone, a voice cannot be easily heard. But if that sword is joined not by another, or by two, but by a hundred, with steel crying out to be heard, all united under one common banner and singing out in a glorious chorus, it cannot be ignored. Its song will be heard by its enemies and it will make them shudder.

I don't know what the end result will be. Not yet. But I know that I am hopeful, optimistic, driven and ready.

Are you?
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A message for the team and any who would want to help.
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