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 BroQuest Concept Demo and Information

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PostSubject: BroQuest Concept Demo and Information   Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:34 pm

Hello everyone, below is the concept demo for BroQuest

Please remember, this is no where near a final product! This was made in 24 hours by our coder, and was recently updated.

mediafire.com download/owav8p7g8s43p11/Bro_Quest_RP_Demo_1.2.rar

Z to Confirm, X to cancel, Shift to Run

Change log:
tested overworld travel (go north in the forest to test it yourself)
fixed a lot of bugs
added a summoning stone mini quest (you get it automatically by siding with the devil, or you can find it in the forest after the demo is over)
new dialogue added to some places
polished the map a bit
new portraits
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PostSubject: Re: BroQuest Concept Demo and Information   Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:25 pm

We are at 1.4 now:
mediafire.com download/sccmk2rc8bd78mj/Bro_Quest_RP_Demo_1.4.rar

Change Log:

From 1.3:
-New chase quest (the one Nave wanted me to test.) It's located southwest of the village, but you must complete the main quest first. (it becomes clear why)

-balanced some enemies

-bug fixes here and there

From 1.4:
-New Dungeon (located in one of the houses close the player's home)

-Polished the map

mediafire.com download/5d8e0ti0jp8l48l/RMVX+ACE+RTP.rar

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BroQuest Concept Demo and Information
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